This Tuesday we had a typical English tea party in our English LK course with Ms. Roch at the end of our “Britain” series.

Beforehand, we had spent a lot of time in class looking at what makes Britain and especially England special. Is it the Queen?
Is it the red telephone boxes? Or is it something completely different?

If you ignore all these material things and just look at the person, what does being British mean?

Isn’t it the values that you carry within you that make you who you are?
Isn’t it the pride of being part of a nation with such a rich history, so many different facets, and an openness to the whole world?

We live in a time when tolerance and living together is more important than ever. Our cultural exchange and what we learn through our many interactions makes us better as a human race. We have always evolved and redefined ourselves, why shouldn’t we continue to do so?

Our tea party is also part of this cultural exchange. Our teacher brought us typical English pastries and snacks along with her personal collection of books. We drank black tea with milk – which wasn‘t so popular amongst the students – and had a nice chat. Some teachers and students from other classes visited us because they showed great interest.

It was a nice experience that I hope we can repeat soon.


(Kyara Nisic – Q1)


(Bilder: Roch)